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Concierge nursing is a field of nursing that provides personalized professional skilled nursing care wherever a patient may be in their health care journey. In most cases, a concierge nurse is an independently practicing RN: meaning they do not have to be employed through an agency, hospital or physician. 

Much like a concierge at an upscale hotel, concierge nurses connect you with whatever services are being requested. They can assist a patient or family member by coordinating care, offering resources, advocating or providing direct patient care. Unlike home health agencies, concierge nurses do not contract with insurance companies, which allows the nurse to provide the care that patient needs without insurance dictating what, when and how that care is done. As long as the nurse is practicing within their scope, they can provide a multitude of services allowing a patient to have personalized care so they ultimately have better health outcomes.  

The original concierge model of boutique concierge healthcare services started in 1996 when a program in the states of Oregon and Washington began offering their residents direct and unlimited access to healthcare services for an upfront (and expensive) price. Back then, it would cost up to $13,200 per patient, and $20,000 for a family plan per year. Currently, there are still plans like this that are available across the country, and some nurses even offer a monthly subscription or hourly service!

What can a Concierge nurse do?

Concierge nurses come from a variety of backgrounds, but typically are nurses with acute inpatient experience as well as critical care and perioperative nurses. Nurses are well equipped to provide care in a multitude of environments and meet the unique needs of their clients. As you already know, nursing is its own healthcare specialty and nurses can do a lot without a doctor’s order to support the health of their patients. For patients who have had a medical procedure, a concierge nurse will provide personalized patient care from the comfort of their own home. 

This can look like a variety of different scenarios, for example:

Scenario 1

Your loved one has recently been discharged from the hospital and has numerous follow up appointments as well as home health starting services. They may also have instructions to get additional lab work done or follow-up imaging to do as well. Patients and family members can feel overwhelmed and alone. A concierge nurse can partner with this patient and family to provide direct nursing care, such as when a family caregiver needs to work or tending to wounds or drains in addition to any personal cares the patient may need assistance with like bathing or their prescribed exercises. The concierge nurse can help navigate how to obtain records, legal information and communicate with providers as well as collaborate with the rest of the healthcare team to ensure a patient does not slip through the cracks!

Scenario 2

A patient has a surgery coming up and doesn’t want to burden her loved ones to help her when she gets home. A concierge nurse can help this patient prepare for surgery to create a smooth recovery process. They also can accompany the patient to the pre-op appointment, help ensure that all pre-op testing and instructions are completed as well as transport the patient on the day of surgery and be with them in recovery to receive the discharge orders. Once home, a concierge nurse can monitor vital signs, help reduce post-op pain and nausea, pick up medications and much more! Patients feel relieved that they have a trained professional looking out for them so they can rest and recover in the comfort of their own home. 

Scenario 3

An elderly couple lives at home but are starting to require closer health monitoring. A concierge nurse can provide in-home health and environmental safety assessments, coordinate care with their providers, ensure medications are being taken appropriately and connect them with local services . Additionally, a concierge nurse can accompany them to their appointments and procedures, or even be present during an ER visit or hospital stay if family is unable. Providing comprehensive care coordination and advocacy this couple has a better chance of staying out of the hospital and thriving at home!

Concierge Nurses fill the gap often left by our medical system. As a “quarterback of care”, they are uniquely positioned to be sure your medical team is working together to ensure patients aren’t slipping through the cracks. Much like physicians who operate as Direct Primary Care providers, concierge nurses offer a fee for service model. This allows more time spent with the patient offering personalized care where concerns are heard and visits are not rushed. 

Those who may benefit from hiring a concierge nurse may include:

  • Patients scheduled for surgery
  • Patients who require inpatient/ outpatient care for surgical procedures
  • Patients who have recently returned home after an extended hospital or rehab stay
  • Traveling Executives
  • Sick patients who desire the one-on-one care and compassion of a Registered Nurse
  • Aging adults who live independently and would like to keep it that way
  • Celebrities and Public Figures On Tour

Research has shown that patients who utilize services such as concierge nurses/care managers have lower incidence of readmission to the hospital, reduced visits to the ER and better medication and treatment compliance. Which results in significant cost savings, not to mention peace of mind!

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Kelli Hansen

Kelli is a Registered Nurse with nearly 20 years in the healthcare industry. Her passion for nursing began as a child and has taken her on a journey in various specialities in locations across the country. Kelli discovered that a nursing practice rooted in wholeheartedness created more passion, joy and ultimately improved patient outcomes. Utilizing this approach, Kelli provides full service private nursing services to patients and families as well as mentoring nurses in reigniting their passion and creating balance in their lives. Kelli is a native of Sandpoint, Idaho, she enjoys all things the PNW has to offer with her husband and two children in tow.