Surgery & Recovery

Do you have a surgery planned or are you a family member who just isn’t sure you are the right one to help your loved one through those critical 2-3 days following a procedure or hospital discharge?

Surgery, no matter how big or small, can be scary. Often patients and families spend hours finding the right surgeon but neglect the post-operative recovery phase. Routine tasks become extremely difficult. Managing ordered medications, drains, dressings, and discharge instructions can become cumbersome and if you are alone or with an unprepared family member or friend, overwhelm and panic set in. An expert in recovery is essential. Let us be your guide so pain and post-operative complications are minimal to none.

We can:
  • Perform wound checks and assessments
  • Assess blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and respiratory status
  • Provide transportation to and from your procedure or surgery
  • Collaborate with your providers to ensure all post-operative instructions are followed so your recovery goes smoother
  • Interpret medical lingo for your family members who care deeply about you
  • Get answers for you whenever needed because as nurses, we know how to navigate the healthcare system quickly
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Prepare light meals so you stay nourished and hydrated
  • Provide assistance with ambulation and help navigate using the restroom and bathing
  • Help you understand your discharge instructions
  • Create a customized plan to meet your or your family’s needs

We understand that no two clients are the same, which is why we offer personalized concierge nursing packages that are tailored to your specific wellness needs.

Start with a Meet & Greet so we can assess your needs and we’ll help you figure out which concierge package best suits your requirements.


Rest and recover with peace of mind with your LanteRN Concierge Nurse!

Offerings & Pricing

Our Meet & Greet service is a one hour initial consultation (in-person or virtual) designed to help us get to know you and your wellness goals better. By assessing your personalized healing needs, we help you select the right package that fulfills your requirements and supports optimal healing outcomes.

This is also a Q&A time where we will answer your questions and provide you with education on pre/post-operation planning and procedures such as meal planning, ambulation, surgeons instructions, and more.

All packages include a comprehensive pre-op preparation and assessment, post-op monitoring including pain and nausea interventions, medication reconciliation and management, wound care, vital signs, assistance with ambulation, follow up wellness visits up to 2 weeks post-op and communication with providers if necessary and  much more!

4 Hour

Purchase our Elite package of 4 hours of surgery and recovery care from a LanteRN Health Concierge Nurse.

8 Hour

Purchase our Expanded package of 8 hours of surgery and recovery care from a LanteRN Health Concierge Nurse.

12 Hour

Purchase our Premium package of 12 hours of surgery and recovery care from a LanteRN Health Concierge Nurse.

*We understand sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you require additional care outside of a selected plan, we are happy accommodate custom additional ala-carte services.

We Prioritize

Managing Uncertainty
Before surgery, you may have many questions.  Having surgery or a medical procedure could be daunting. “Can my loved one be with me until I go?” “Will they take good care of me while I am sleeping?” “Will I wake up in the middle of surgery?”  “Is it painful?” “When can I shower?”  So many questions, so much uncertainty.  “My dressing has blood on it.” “What are the side effects of the medication?”  “When and what can I eat?”, the list goes on!
Safety and Understanding
We help you to create understanding as to what is normally expected, what happens when things don’t go as planned, and what your options are. We will assist you in creating solutions and answer all your questions or find the answers for you. With your permission, we can make phone calls to your doctor to alleviate any pre-op anxiety.
Alleviating Anxiety
Anxiety causes stress and stress interfere with the healing process. We understand that each client is unique. LanteRN Nurses utilize a holistic approach to reducing healthcare-related anxiety. We will ask pertinent questions about your past medical experiences, complications, and trauma related to healthcare. When we can create awareness, oftentimes the level of anxiety is reduced. We will also offer tools to help regulate your nervous system that you can utilize anytime you feel the stress build. We will be right there with you to honor and support your unique experience.
Compassionate, Professional Care
A professional LanteRN Nurse knows all the right questions to ask your doctor, and understands what normally is expected for surgery. We can review your pre-op instructions with you and can help you assess your needs after surgery, as well as receive discharge instructions, providing safe transportation and ongoing monitoring when you get home. We can advise you on how to prepare your home so that you are ready and comfortable to recover and heal. We take pride in our critical thinking skills to help us prioritize and make key decisions to deliver the most efficient, safe, and personalized care. LanteRN is the nursing care you’ve been waiting for, we will be right by your side for every step on your healing journey.