Provider-Contracted Care

As the provider for your patients, you are the first to identify patients who would benefit from the services of an experienced recovery nurse once they have been discharged. Whether your patient is traveling here to have their surgical procedure, is wanting to be discrete about their surgery, or simply do not have loved ones nearby to help, I will care for your patients with the same professionalism and TLC as I have practiced for many years at the bedside.
As more complex surgeries are being performed in the ambulatory surgical setting, there is a need to have closer monitoring of these patients, in order to obtain the best outcomes you expect and they deserve.
Patients may not know when they should contact their surgeon for concerns or if there is a problem. I will be there to advocate for them and put their minds at ease, assessing their pain level, nausea, ambulation, bleeding, and diet.  As well as managing any drains, surgical dressings and more, mitigating any issues that may arise that would traditionally require after hours calls with patient concerns and last minute office visits. I am also available to attend their post-operative visit if needed, so the patient feels confident in their recovery.
Concierge post-operative nursing services present a unique partnership opportunity for your patients to continue their high-quality care even after discharge. Services can be offered on a package basis or hourly. Contact me to discover how a concierge nurse can close the loop in providing your patients with comprehensive care like never before!