Kelli Hansen, RN, BSN


Kelli Hansen, RN, BSN

Born and raised in Sandpoint Idaho, I have always valued a sense of community, philanthropy, and service. After witnessing the angels who came in the form of hospice nurses caring for a loved one in my home as a small child, I knew nursing was the path I would take to serve my community.

LanteRN Health Consulting was born from the desire to truly care for individuals across the healthcare spectrum – in an honest, innovative, and compassionate manner. LanteRN seeks to illuminate and correct the obstacles on the path to healing so that patients don’t fall through the cracks so common in our standardized methods of care.

Our namesake was inspired by the “Godmother of Nursing,” Florence Nightingale, who carried her lantern through the infirmary checking in on wounded soldiers during the Crimean war, earning her the nickname “Lady with the Lamp.” Florence felt a calling to serve, in even the most treacherous conditions – something that resonates deeply with me.

It is a calling I have felt from a young age. To be of service to those in need, in their most vulnerable of moments: to hold space, listen, and offer guidance while providing ethical and skilled nursing care.

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About Kelli


Entering the nursing field at the age of 17 earning my Nursing Assistant certificate from Lake Pend Oreille School District, my passion for serving my community as a nurse was solidified. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life!

After working at the bedside for a number of years, I moved to Hawai’i to work in an urgent care clinic. I was assigned the task of educating patients about their ailments, reviewing treatment options, and providing comprehensive care coordination in addition to hands-on nursing care under the direction of a physician. I valued the unique diversity of Hawai’i and learned so much about what “health” means to different populations around the world.

As wonderful as that experience was, life brought me back home to Idaho where I became a sponge, learning and experiencing as much as I could in areas such as cardiac intensive care, general medical and surgery such as orthopedics, podiatry, plastics, and women’s health, all while working towards my nursing degree.

My husband enlisted in the Army which took us to Oklahoma and Texas where I continued to learn and work toward my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. I had the opportunity to work in diverse environments within large health systems and small privately owned hospitals and clinics. Shortly after being accepted into a highly sought-after nursing program, my husband was medically discharged from active duty and we decided to return home to Idaho with our now two children.

Through some of life’s curve balls, I persevered. Earning my Bachelor of Science in Nursing with a graduate certificate in nursing management & leadership from Lewis-Clark State College and began working at the bedside once again. That’s when the real education began. I had filled my brain with loads of really helpful “head knowledge” that made me a mentor for many other nurses.

What I began to understand is that healing is not linear and no one person’s journey is like another. I noticed that when I took into account a person’s level of fear or uncertainty, beliefs about their ability to heal, and sense of security in their providers, I could better identify their unique barriers to healing. While much of the care and treatment in western medicine is proven safe and effective, I believe that it does not serve to the depth of what it takes for someone to truly heal. I believe our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are just as important as the physical. Through this awareness, I gained “heart knowledge”.

This approach to nursing practice led me to the field of trauma-informed healthcare and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and I haven’t looked back since. I continue to be amazed at the discoveries being made that prove the connection between ones mind, spirit and physical body. I am committed to life long learning and sharing my knowledge with those who desire a deeper understanding of themselves. 


My passion is to provide holistic care to each and every one of my clients, to get to know them, and to listen with my heart to what barriers they have to healing. I truly desire to connect with each client I serve and treat them like I would like my loved ones treated. I bring a commitment to professionalism, accountability, compassion, integrity, and hopefully a good dose of laughter to all I serve!

Education & Credentials

Associates Degree in Nursing- North Idaho College

Bachelors in Science & Nursing- Lewis & Clark State College

Graduate Certificate in Nursing Leadership & Management- LC State

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification- American Heart Association

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification- American Heart Association


Nursing Service Organization- insured

Multi-state Compact license in good standing- verified by Idaho Board of Nursing. #61708


American Nurses Association

American Holistic Nurses Association

National Nurses in Business Association

The DAISY Foundation for Extraordinary Nurses- Award recipient 2021

Community Involvement

Panhandle Health District Community Advisory Board- Board Member

Anonymous non-profit group offering support to community members

Various other local charity events such as Chafe 150 Bike race, Find Your Strength 5k and the Long Bridge Swim.

I didn't know what I was missing! I've had surgery a handful of times and felt like I knew the ropes, so to speak, but Kelli brought a level of expertise and care I didn't realize I needed. I wish I had her with me all those years ago, I may have avoided unnecessary pain and trips to the doctor. She is an absolute gift!