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Family Birth

Having a baby is a tremendous event, one which includes the whole family. At LanteRN Health we believe that when a new baby arrives it is a time of deep connection and love. We honor the power of birth and respect the process of a woman’s intuition and choices on how she chooses to bring a child earth-side.

Whether it is your first baby or your 10th, each little life is honored. As nurses, we know that each pregnancy is as unique as the child. We are committed to providing professional birth support, not just for the mother but the whole family. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and holistic labor support by addressing the family system, relationships, expectations, communication, fears and any traumas related to previous births or healthcare experience.

We Provide:
  • Birth Planning
  • New parent coaching
  • Abortion & miscarriage support andĀ advocacy
  • 24/7 availability from 1 week before and after estimated due date
  • Accompaniment of clients to appointments and offer transportation if needed
  • Post-Partum in home visitsĀ 
  • Night nurse services
  • Resources connecting families to community services that address their unique needs

While your LanteRN Nurse is a licensed professional, we will respect the role of your provider and will not be performing any clinical assessments such as cervical exams or fetal heart monitoring at this time. As a labor support professional we have a vast knowledge about the physiological stages of pregnancy, fetal development and birth.

We are equipped to offer education, resources and communicate with your provider to ensure the best and safest care for you and your baby.

We Offer

Family Birth Support Packages

Family Birth Support Packages include prenatal guidance and education, birth planning, labor technique coaching, and accompaniment to visits if requested. Your LanteRN nurse will be available 24/7 for calls/text 1 week prior to 1 week after the estimated due date, as well as support during and after labor and delivery and in-home wellness check ins and support. Packages can be tailored to your unique needs.

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